Shell Foundation is a UK charity supporting energy and mobility solutions in low-income areas around the world. 

To deliver impact They apply business thinking to tough problems in challenging geographies

Through 2017/2018 Harrison was assigned across Asia and Africa capturing the inspiring success stories as a result of the Shell Foundations work.

Filmed & Edited by Harrison Thane

Produced by Garry Almond

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I Am Vahini – Allahabad


Shell Foundation is working with SMV Green Solutions in Upper Pradesh, India, on Project Vahini, supporting women as owners and drivers of electric rickshaws.

  • DirectedHarrison Thane
  • DOPWill Hayles
  • ProducerAbhishek Dwivedi

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UOMA – East Africa 


Shell Foundation is supporting the development of in-country market accelerators to help address barriers to energy access in Africa.

  • DirectedHarrison Thane
  • 1st Assistant – Alim
  • ProducerGary Almond

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Shell Foundation is supporting Kulani to provide asset financing to micro-entrepreneurs in Zambia.

  • Filmed, Edited And Scripted by Harrison Thane  & Tom Grass
  • Produced by Garry Almond

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